PROGRAM / PROGRAMME ORIGINAL IDEA AND SCRIPT / IDÉE ORIGINALE ET SCÉNARIO : Carlos Islas, Alejandra Arochi Servín ARTISTIC DIRECTOR / DIRECTEUR ARTISTIQUE : Carlos Islas. MUSICAL DIRECTOR / DIRECTEUR MUSICAL : Henry Sánchez. PRODUCTION/ PRODUCTION: Martha Bejarano. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT/ ASSISTANT DE PRODUCTION: Alejandra Arochi Servín. LIGHTING/ ÉCLAIRAGE: Carlos Islas, Eurídice Rodríguez. MULTIMEDIA/ MULTIMÉDIA: Eurídice Rodríguez. COSTUMES/ VÊTEMENTS: ALCA, Gladys García-Navas, Alberto Guzmán, Angélica Galarce. MAKE- UP/ MAQUILLAGE: Alexis Bejarano, Sasha Chan HAIR DESIGN/ COIFFURE: Inés Morales. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND PROMOTION/ RELATIONS PUBLIQUES ET PROMOTION: Danilo Navas, Mónica Salvo. SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATORS/ COORDINATION DES MÉDIAS SOCIAUX: Tanya Wadgymar, Luis Arcos Aguilar. CATERING/ CATERING: ALCA, Ana Lezama. CHOREOGRAPHERS/ CHORÉGRAPHES: Alberto Guzmán, Carlos Islas, Gladys García -Navas, Luz A. Castillo, Mónica Salvo, Susan Cash. CAST/ CAST: Adayany Martínez, Alberto Guzmán, Alejandra Arochi Servín, Anamelva Revoredo, Camila Abad, Carla Adaros, Claudia Sánchez Jara, Delia Mena Bejarano, Felipe De La Fuente, Gina Moreno, Isabella Hernández, Jaime Aguirre Castillo, Jessica Ríos, Luis Arcos Aguilar, Luz Adriana Castillo, Marco Antonio García, Marlene Guerra-Kargul, Mónica Salvo, Sara Bejarano Bonilla, Sofía Bouchain, Tanya Wadgymar, Teresa Paredes Villalba. MUSICIANS ALCA ENSEMBLE/ MUSICIENS ENSEMBLE ALCA : Edson Espinoza, Henry Sánchez, Isaías Herrera, Jaime Stears Estrada, Juan Valencia, Marco Frangini, Matías Palominos, Miguel Vásquez, Paloma Jorquera Pemjean, Rodrigo Llanos Estay. THEME RAINBOW OF HOPE/ THÈME ARC-EN-CIEL D’ESPOIR : ALCA Ensemble. Production ALCA, Toronto, Canada 2023. Lyrics: Juan Bravo, Music: Javier Romero, Henry Sánchez, Direction, arrangements, mixing and editing: Henry Sánchez, Mixing and mastering: Diego de Sedas (Panamá) Produced by: Sikuri Productions, Recording: Rack Studio, LosKalaverabanda (Quito Ecuador), Adr1andr produces (San Cristobal, Dominican Republic), Sikuri Productions (Toronto, Canada). Art and Design: Danilo Navas. THE PROGRAM/ LE PROGRAMME COVID-19 arrived to change our lives, from the uncertainty of its magnitude to not knowing when it will end; through three case scenarios, “Rainbow of Hope” showcases different situations that highlight daily life during pandemic times. Which situation identifies you the most? LATINOS IN CANADA. Choreography: Carlos Islas and Alejandra Arochi Theme song: “Sube a Nacer Conmigo Hermano” DAILY LIFE. Choreography: Susan Cash. Musical Theme: City Sounds, Digiffects Sound Effects Library. MASKS. Choreography: Susan Cash. Musical Theme: Despedida y Desapego (fragment). ECUADOR Sara, is a farm worker who travels miles every day to get to the farm where she spends many hours of hard work, Sara and her colleagues suffer with the arrival of COVID-19, from the shortage of products, to the mourning for those who succumbed to the virus. FIELD. Choreography: Alberto Guzmán. Musical Theme: Huaiquigu. SHORTAGE. Choreography: Alberto Guzmán. Musical Theme: Torbellino. YEARNING. Choreography: Alberto Guzmán. Musical Theme: Clay pot. NICARAGUA Miss Ríos is a Latin American dance teacher who is facing technology issues, since face-to-face classes have been banned she will now have to practice her profession virtually. VIRTUAL LIFE. Choreography: Alejandra Arochi, Jessica Ríos. Musical Theme: La mora limpia. ISOLATION. Choreography: Gladys García-Navas. Musical Theme: Potpourri of Traditional Marimba Songs (Las Muchachas, El jarabe Chichón, El Garañon). CHILE ISOLATION. Choreography: Mónica Salvo. Musical Theme: El Chacombo. AFRO- PERU Luis, a construction superintendent, along  with his cleaning crew , represent the sector that never stopped working; through camaraderie and support this group stands up to the virus and shows no fear. OPTIMISTIC SPIRIT. Choreography: Mónica Salvo. Musical Theme: El Chacombo. MEXICO OPTIMISTIC SPIRIT. Choreography: Carlos Islas and Luz Castillo. Musical Theme: La Iguana. TRANSITION Musical Director: Henry Sánchez Musical Theme: Paloma Ausente Alca Ensemble. THE BALCONY AS THE STAGE . Choreography: Susan Cash and Carlos Islas. Theme song: Resistiré. RAINBOW OF HOPE. Choreography: Carlos Islas. Musical Theme: Rainbow of Hope. ABOUT THE ARTISTS / À PROPOS DES ARTISTES  ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/ DIRECTEUR ARTISTIQUE CARLOS ISLAS Mexican with extensive experience in the arts at a national and international level. Licensed in Mexican Folkloric Dance by the National School of Folkloric Dance of INBA, he has worked as a teacher and choreographer in the School of the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico by Amalia Hernandez, Academy of Mexican Dance (INBA), National School of Folkloric Dance (INBA). Founder and director of the Estampas de México Company with which he has participated in more than 20 International Folkloric Dance Festivals in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Vice-president of Fidaf America, guest choreographer in New York, Texas and Toronto. MUSIC DIRECTOR/ DIRECTEUR MUSICAL HENRY SÁNCHEZ Musician from Quito, Ecuador, Luthier, producer, composer and interpreter with great experience in the arts. His characteristic style remains registered in multiple productions in which he has participated with different groups traveling the world.  He has been awarded first place, twice the “Aboriginal People ‘s Choice Awards” in Canada for best indigenous artist in the “Indigenous Music Awards Winnipeg” 2014 and 2017. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada where he manages and supports the artistic development of the Latin American community. PRODUCTION/ PRODUCTION MARTHA BONILLA BEJARANO Ecuadorian. President and Administrative Director. Since her arrival in Canada in 1976, she has been an active member of the Tungurahua Social Football Club, as well as a dancer in its dance group. In 1991, she was one of the founding members, General Director and dancer of the Ecuadorian Ethnocultural Group Huairapungo of Ontario. She has also served on the Board of Directors of community organizations such as “Skills for Change” and “Toronto Folk Arts Council”. She is knowledgeable in the management of non-profit organizations and their working relationships with government institutions, knowledge she acquired while working for the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCAS). As a founding member, she works diligently to position ALCA as a leader institution in the culture and the arts of Latino America in Canada. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT/ ASSISTANT DE PRODUCTION ALEJANDRA AROCHI SERVÍN Mexican. Graduated in Mexican Folk Dance by the ADM of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes and Professional in Show Production by the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana. Dancer with more than 20 years of experience in classical, contemporary and folkloric dance. She has participated in more than 17 International Folkloric Dance Festivals in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and has been part of the production team in the International Festivals “Estampas del Mundo” and “Circuito de Danza de México” in Mexico City and Morelos. LIGHTING & MULTIMEDIA / ÉCLAIRAGE et  MULTIMÉDIA EURÍDICE RODRÍGUEZ Mexican. Executive producer who has worked in various productions from the operatic field to massive shows and festivals, among some of her works and collaborations are the Festival Internacional Cervantino, the Corona Capital and Tianguis Turísticos. Eurídice also developed as an academic in the field of production, in various institutions such as CENTRO, the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Sunland and in production compañías such as Grupo Xcaret and OCESA. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND PROMOTION / RELATIONS PUBLIQUES ET PROMOTION DANILO NAVAS Nicaraguan. He has a degree in Communications, with experience in cultural work in Nicaragua. Came to Montreal in 1987, and has lived in Toronto since 1991, where he studied multimedia, audio/video production and web development. With more than 20 years of experience in web management, Danilo is known for his passion for music, and for his work as a cultural promoter and web publisher, creator of several online magazines dedicate to music and artists promotion. CHOREOGRAPHERS/ CHORÉGRAPHES ALBERTO GUZMÁN Ecuadorian. As a dancer he received training from Ecuadorian teachers such as Rodrigo Cajas from Muyacan and Luis Viteri from Ashpa Mama Ecuador. Upon his arrival in Canada in 1988, he was part of the dance group Tungurahua SFC; in  1991 he founded Huairapungo GEEO along with other members. He is currently the artistic director of the group which has more than 30 years of experience representing Ecuadorian folklore in national and international festivals. GLADYS GARCÍA- NAVAS Nicaraguan. She studied and graduated in Communication Sciences at the Central American University (UCA) of Nicaragua. At the same time she studied modern dance at the National School of Dance in the city of Managua, and then completed a course for Folkloric Dance Instructors taught by the Ministry of Culture. In 2007 she became the Artistic Director of the Nicanahuac Folkloric Dance Group, whose objective is the preservation and maintenance of the folkloric and traditional dances of Nicaragua in Toronto, Canada. LUZ ADRIANA CASTILLO Mexican. Graduated from the National School of Folkloric Dance of INBA in Mexico City. Currently Director of the Mexican Folkloric Group Tonatiuh since 2001 based in Toronto. MÓNICA SALVO Chilean. She has more than 30 years of experience participating in various Chilean folkloric groups in Chile and Canada. She is currently the artistic director of Grupo Chile based in Toronto, Canada; a group that was formed by Chileans in Toronto over 25 years ago. She leads  communications efforts for ALCA.  A journalist by profession, she studied at Ryerson University and currently works in corporate communications. SUSAN CASH Professor Emeritus Susan Cash is an accomplished choreographer, teacher and mentor who has performed and presented her own work, both on the alternative theater circuit and in formal performance venues in Canada and the United States. Her choreographic work spans many genres of dance, in theatrical works, site-specific creations, music videos and dance films.  Dance has led her to perform in Prague, choreograph in New York, perform on commission in Guatemala, collaborate in Brazil and now, contribute to Rainbow of Hope with ALCA. She just won a short film award for her dance film The Space Between Above. Her new film, Sweet Sorrow, set in British Columbia, will be released in late 2023.  Susan’s dances reveal a deep understanding of the body in movement and a sensitive connection to the environment. CAST / CAST ADAYANY MARTÍNEZ Mexican. High school student. She is part of the group Tonatiuh Mexican Folklore with which she has performed in events such as; International Children’s day, Hamilton Latin festival, Mississauga Latin festival, Toronto international dance festival, Day of the Dead Celebration and many more. Throughout her career she has participated in different dance workshops. ANAMELVA REVOREDO Peruvian. Dancer of traditional Peruvian dances with 7 years of experience. Her main specialty is the Marinera Norteña, which she dances competitively. CAMILA ABAD Canadian of Nicaraguan parents. Active member of the Nicaraguan folkloric group Nicanahuac since 2018 with which she has performed several presentations. CARLA ADAROS Chilean. Dancer with great experience in different dance genres such as: Ballet, Latin American Folklore, Latin Ballroom, Flamenco, Salsa among others. CLAUDIA SÁNCHEZ JARA Canadian of Chilean parents. She has acquired experience in dance by taking classes in different dance genres at university and participating in programs such as SuiteLife 16. DELIA MENA BEJARANO Canadian of Ecuadorian parents and active member of the Grupo Etnocultural Ecuatoriano Huairapungo for 11 years, lover of the arts. FELIPE DE LA FUENTE Canadian, of Chilean parents. Since he was a child he has shown interest in Chilean folkloric dances. His first stage performance was at the age of 4 with the children’s group Grupo Chile in Toronto. Living in Chile as a teenager, he participated in several folkloric dance projects at school. GINA MORENO Colombian. She has participated in bambucos and San Juaneros competitions at national level. Instructor of dance to tropical rhythms such as salsa, merengue and cumbia with seniors in community centres in the city of Toronto. ISABELLA HERNÁNDEZ Canadian, of Nicaraguan parents and from El Salvador. She has been part of many performances at various venues in Toronto such as Harbourfront, Hispanic Fiesta at Mel Lastman Square and for the Pan Am games ceremonies in 2015. Her dance style includes hip-hop, theater, lyrical, and folk. She has been dancing Nicaraguan folklore for over 9 years with the group Nicanahuac, she is currently in musical theater productions as well as creating her own choreographies. JAIME AGUIRRE CASTILLO Mexican. He has developed as a Mexican folkloric dancer in different companies in Mexico such as Folkloric Group Cihuameztli, from the Instituto Tecnológico de la Laguna (Torreón, Coahuila), the Nahucalli Folkloric Dance Company. He is currently dancing in the group Tonatiuh Mexican Folklore based in Toronto. JESSICA RÍOS Mexican. Great teachers such as Ema Pulido, Roberto Mitzuko were the basis of her beginning as a professional dancer in Mexico City. In 2005, she graduated in Performing Arts at Sheridan College and now, with a career of more than 15 years in show business, she performs different performances throughout the GTA. Her talents include Musical Theater, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, Folkloric Dance, Samba, and Bollywood. LUIS ARCOS AGUILAR Mexican. Graduated in Mexican Folkloric Dance Pedagogy, from the Centro Morelense de las Artes del Estado de Morelos (CMAEM). As a dancer, he has performed on important stages in Mexico and Canada. He is currently a member of the group Tonatiuh Mexican Folklore. MARCO A. GARCÍA Mexican. Dancer, from an early age he has performed Mexican folkloric dance. He belonged professionally to the Ballet Folklorico de Chiapas for 6 years. He is currently a member of the group Tonatiuh Mexican folklore based in Toronto. MARLENE GUERRA– KARGUL Ecuadorian. She has great experience in modern and contemporary dance in the Independent Dance front. She participated in the project “La vida del ahorcado” with national diffusion presenting the work in theaters in Quito and Guayaquil. Later she was a member of the dance group Muyacan with which she toured Ecuador, Colombia and Canada, through folkloric dance. In Canada she was artistic director of dance and choreographer of Huairapungo Ecuadorian Ethnocultural Group in Ontario. SARA BEJARANO BONILLA Canadian of Ecuadorian parents. Active member of the Ecuadorian Ethnocultural Group Huairapungo for 27 years. She has performed in events such as; Vive Latinoamérica, Celebrando nuestras raíces among others. SOFIA BOUCHAIN Canadian of Mexican parents. Dancer with 12 years of experience in Mexican folkloric dance and has performed in different dance genres during her career. She is currently studying Jazz at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. TANYA WADGYMAR Canadian. She has had a passion for folklore as an expression of her roots. Her love for dance was intensified by her participation dancing with the Toronto Folkloric Groups, Grupo Chile and Grupo Viva Mexico in performances on stages across Canada. TERESA PAREDES VILLALBA Paraguaya. Founder and director of folkloric group Jeroky Paraguay. Creator of Boadanza Fitness, a dance program for all ages. She has participated in many festivals, most notably in the closing ceremony of the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto. MUSICIANS/ MUSICIENS EDSON ESPINOZA Chilean. Bassist with more than 30 years of experience playing different musical genres such as Latin jazz, cumbia, salsa, rock, Cuban son and Andean music. He has participated with several musical groups such as Tinkusay, Los Hijos Dr. Tuta Band, Hermanos Brothers and Latin Band. Among the instruments he plays are classical guitar, electric guitar and drums. ISAÍAS HERRERA Chilean. Since 1997 he has participated and formed groups in order to disseminate art and its different forms of expression. With almost 25 years of experience in the tropical area, folkloric dance of his community. He is currently directing and being part of different musical projects in Toronto. JAIME STEARS ESTRADA Chilean. At the age of 18 he learned to play the guitar with the guidance of a friend and colleague; later he was invited to join a folkloric group, which led him to investigate other instruments of his interest (Quena, Charango, zampoña, Colombian tiple, etc). As a result, today he is part of the musical group “Viento Sur de Toronto” and “Alca Project”. JUAN VALENCIA Bolivian. Percussionist who now resides in Toronto. He is one of the founding members of the group Tinkusay, playing traditional Andean music having  performed throughout the Latin American community of Toronto; he has also performed with Afro-Brazilian percussion ensembles such as La Escola de Samba de Tontono, Batucada Carioca and Tdot Batu. Among the instruments he plays are the Andean bass drum, congas, bongo, timbau and cajon. MARCO FRANGINI Chilean. Musician with more than 40 years of experience. Former member of the Folkloric Association of Chile, Nazka among others. Former musical director of the Chilean Society of Toronto, Grupo Chile. He has performed in Europe and America. Instrumentalist in percussion, strings, winds and professional singer. MATÍAS PALOMINOS Chilean. Keyboardist of the group Viento Sur in Toronto. Music teacher graduated in Chile. During his years of musical career he has been part of several groups in Chile and Canada, playing different styles and instruments. MIGUEL VÁSQUEZ Chilean. He began his musical explorations at an early age, studying music and performing with various bands in Chile. After arriving in Toronto in the 80s, he continued to promote his unique interpretations of traditional Latin American music. He has performed, toured, recorded and collaborated extensively with various bands and musicians in Canada, the United States, Chile and Asia. He has also worked with CBC Radio and TV, in documentaries and films. PALOMA JORQUERA PEMJEAN Chilean. Lead vocals for Chilean group “Viento Sur”. In 2019 she immersed herself in singing as a way to promote Latin American folklore in Toronto. RODRIGO LLANOS ESTAY Chilean. Composer and producer.  He began his academic training in 2003 as a vocal and electric guitar interpreter.. From 2008 onwards, he gives life to several projects in styles such as Rock, Funk and Folk, composes and produces original songs (Farancoa, El eco de las ánimas). In 2018 he presented his first production as a singer-songwriter, “Ir mAs allA” where he conjugates an intense interpretation of voice and acoustic guitar. In 2022 he published his latest production, ERRANTE, tales of a journey in band format and organic sonority, Folklore of our times. FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA / FINANCÉ PAR LE GOUVERNEMENT DU CANADA ALCA. MARTHA BONILLA – BEJARANO / PRESIDENT ALCA Founding Member and Member of GEEO Huairapungo Inc. LUZ ADRIANA CASTILLO / VICE PRESIDENT ALCA Founding Member, Director and Choreographer of Group Tonatiuh Mexico. ANGÉLICA GALARCE / SECRETARY ALCA Founding Member and Independent Member. GLADYS GARCÍA-NAVAS / TREASURER ALCA Founding Member, Director and Choreographer of the Nicanahuac Group. ALBERTO GUZMÁN BAQUE / PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR ALCA Founding Member and Dance Director of GEEO Huairapungo Inc. TERESA PAREDES / MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR Director and Choreographer of Grupo Jeroky Paraguay. MÓNICA SALVO / DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Artistic director of Grupo Chile. DANILO NAVAS ROBLETO / DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA.               Active member of Grupo Nicanahuac. Rainbow of Hope RAINBOW OF HOPE is a Celebration of Life featuring music, dance and visuals to warm up the spirits of all Canadians • Presented by ALCA (Latin American Alliance for Culture and Arts) and Funded by the Government of Canada (Canadian Heritage and Reopening Fund). Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 5:00 pm at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.
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